Email campaign

7 Habits of Highly Effective Email Campaigns

Respect your Audience
The people that you’re emailing are not idiots. More than anything else, they?re aware of how you’re talking to them and going about it the wrong way can do a number on your lists. Don’t mislead people or insult their intelligence. If you have respect for your audience, then you have the foundation for a successful email marketing program.

Have a Goal
Before you start sending emails, make sure you have a plan for your campaign. Be as specific as possible: Set some figure you?d like to hit or an open rate you?d like to achieve. Nothing motivates like a deadline.

Keep a Schedule
Plan all of your emails in advance. Chart them out or set up reminders for yourself to send at a certain time. Having a schedule will help you to stay focused and give your marketing structure.

Provide Incentive
Ideally, an email should benefit your audience as well as yourself. Give your readers an action to complete and offer them a reward for doing so. Including exclusive content or deals with your messages will ingratiate your audience and make you look better in the process.

Master your Content
Know your product and, more importantly, know what people are looking for in your brand. Anticipate questions or concerns that people may have and address them in your messages. Surveys are great for this. Stay current, be flexible, and use Spell Check. If people can feel confident in your expertise, they will feel confident buying from you.

It’s not the Size that Matters
Sending large mailers is important. It keeps customers updated and spreads awareness of your business. However, emails sent to big lists are only as good as the lists themselves. Be sure that you’re pulling your lists from reliable sources and that the people being mailed are generally interested in what you’re sending them. Also, make an effort to keep up with current email marketing standards; you never know when they’re going to change.

Once you’ve made sure that your list is good, you?ll want to double-check that your emails are relevant. Sending messages to people who don?t want them is never a real marketer?s goal, so specialize your content and ensure that it?s going to the right audience.

Build Relationships
Email Service Providers like Infusionsoft now offer a wide variety of tools to help identify opens, conversions, and all sorts of other statistics on the success of your various campaigns. Take advantage of that information to tailor your emails to certain trends or, better yet, start entirely new campaigns for the groups you get responses from (Note: Don’t let people know that you know their email reading habits – it’s unsettling). Above all, pay close attention to your campaigns and always be looking for ways to improve your customer relationships.