Beginner’s Guide – Converting to Facebook Timeline

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Facebook Timeline Evolution

On March 30, 2012, Facebook will be switching all Business Pages to their new Timeline Profile format. While this move has several long-term implications, the first and most important concern of any Page manager should be preparing for the transition. Fortunately, Facebook has made this fairly simple for existing Pages.

Step 1: Preview

Viewing your Page as an Admin should give you the option of previewing the new Timeline format. From the Preview mode, you will be able to see what your Timeline will look like and alter new features without changing the content of your original layout.

Timeline Preview

You will notice that some of the components of your old Page have transferred to Timeline, namely, your Profile Picture and business information. Both of these sections are editable. However, it should be noted that any change made before switching to Timeline will alter your original format.

New Timeline

Step 2: Design Your Cover Photo

As the centerpiece of your landing page, the Cover Photo will have a large impact on your final layout as well as a visitor’s initial impression of your business. You’ll want to create something engaging that both reflects your company’s interests and conveys the principles behind products/services that you sell.* An excellent Cover Photo customization tool can be found at

To post your Cover Photo, look for the small box at the top right of the page labeled “Add a Cover” and click it. This will open a dropdown menu that will allow you to choose from the photos you have on your page or upload an image from your computer. The Cover Photo displays at 851×315 pixels, so you must pick a large image to use. Images under 399 pixels wide cannot be used.

Adding a Cover

Once you have selected your Cover Photo, it will be placed in the Cover Photo socket where, depending on the size of the image, you will be able to adjust the crop. After you’ve cropped your image, click “Save Changes” to publish to your Timeline.

*While designing your image, keep in mind that Facebook has placed several restrictions on Cover Photo content. You can read more about Facebook’s Terms of Use here.

Step 3: Modify Your Applications

Applications allow you to engage your customers directly and develop a relationship through Facebook. It is therefore important that they be as enticing and eye-catching as possible. Your first step is to find a third-party Application creator, such as Social Page Builder, and design Apps that will attract viewers to your business. Secondly, you must choose Application Images to display under your Cover Photo. Each Page will display a maximum of 12 Apps, though it is possible to publish and stage an unlimited number. You can edit your Apps by opening the App area and clicking the Pencil icon.

Editing and App

Step 4: Profile Picture
Your Profile Picture is the image that will precede every post that you make. Measuring 125×125 pixels, your new image should have a clear and definitive connection to your business, i.e. a logo or headshot.

Step 5: Publish
Your Page is complete and you can now publish it to Facebook. Once you’re live, be sure to follow Facebook Timeline’s best practices.



Finished Timline

*All Cover Photo and Application Images seen in this post were developed using Timeline Image Creator, a Free timeline customization tool from High Impact Designer.

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