Myspace is Back!

Posted by Graham Henry | Posted in MySpace, News, Social Media | Posted on Sep 25, 2012


… and it looks kind of familiar.

This video has been circulating the web for a little while now and, believe it or not, it’s the real deal. You can sign up here:

I’m definitely not the first to point out the similarities to Pinterest in the new layout. Still, it looks like they’ve taken that idea and expanded on it in the right direction. I’ll have to take a few more days before I give my final verdict, but good on Myspace for taking the initiative.

Video Break-Down:
We start out with sleek, box-less sign-in screen. Very simplistic. This type of high-minded design is usually avoided on websites for fear visitors will get confused without obvious direction. It sure looks pretty, though.

We can see from the next section that Myspace is emphasizing integration with other networks like Facebook and Twitter, especially in transferring media like pictures and videos. This will be important if they’re going to steal any business away from these two.

The basic layout of the main page looks like someone asked “What if Pinterest was sideways?”, but the addition of a large background photo mixes up the formula a little. This format also extends to their “Events” section, where individual parties play out like their own profile.

Music is back in full force, and it looks like there will be a few different options like fluid playlist creation and searching by artists or venues.

MySpace Top Fans

The most interesting new feature is this built-in API, which seems to be very in-depth. Charting fandom will be big for Myspace’s music-heavy userbase, as will the ability to directly message your top fans, but both should see use in other circles once the network starts expanding. It’ll be exciting to see where they take it.

Boss theme song, guys.