Facebook Announces Embedding for Publicly Posted Content

Posted by Graham Henry | Posted in Facebook, News | Posted on Jul 31, 2013


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Facebook announced earlier today that public posts can now be embedded onto certain websites, blogs, and other compatible media. Comments and replies will update in real time, and tags and hashtags will interact directly with Facebook for instant integration. At the moment, this features is only available to a select group of pre-approved sites, but it will be made widely available soon.

Facebook's Embed Example

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For Social Page Builder and Landing Page Builder users, this new Facebook feature presents a unique opportunity to integrate marketing strategies and engage your customers. Both products will support the new embed feature, which can be incorporated in two easy steps:

1) In your editor, simply select the area of the template for the Post to go, open your “Widgets” menu and select “Custom HTML”.

Embedding Facebook Post HTML

2) Paste the embed code generated by Facebook into the resulting window. With a few adjustments for size, you should be good to go!

Pasting Facebook Post HTML

These basics steps also apply to a large variety of other editors, so experiment and see what you can do. As always, we’ll be posting tips on how to make the most out of Facebook, so check back; you might learn something!

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