Getting the Most out of Your Facebook Advertisements

Posted by Graham Henry | Posted in Advice, Facebook, Tips and Tricks | Posted on Jan 25, 2013


Facebook Ads

A lot of us use Facebook Advertisements. It makes sense: they’re targeted, cheap, and easy to manage. So how do we make sure we’re getting our money’s worth?

First, we need to make sure our Page looks good. We’ve written a lot about this in the past, so if you need the details you can check out Covers and Apps here. The most important thing is cohesion. If your Page looks like a mismatched quilt of random images, you’re going to have a bad time. Pick a color, style, and theme and stick to it as much as possible (even when posting). An attractive Page will let customers know that you mean business and help them to trust you as a brand.

Once you’ve got your Page looking right, it’s time to give it body. Regular updates are the norm, of course, but a real Facebook presence requires more. Apps, whether custom or imported, give your Page functionality and let the customer see that you can work beyond the superficial to give your projects substance. Try running contests or other engaging functions. Again, this will help you to impress visitors and gain their trust.


The last step in maximizing your Facebook Ads is to make sure that your Page is populated with engaging, quality content. Since I can’t help by pretending to know what business you’re in or what products you sell, I’ll have to leave that last part up to you. Give people enough reasons to like and trust you, and it will be hard for them not to.

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