How it Works: Facebook’s New Reply Feature

Posted by Graham Henry | Posted in Advice, Facebook, News | Posted on Mar 28, 2013


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Facebook just launched a new tool for replying directly to comments. You might have noticed this at the top of your Page:

Facebook's Reply Notification

Now, instead of having to send a notification to all commentators, you can address an individual commentator directly and discretely. Your reply will still appear on the comment feed, but commentators not directly addressed will no longer be bothered with notifications. This new feature also prioritizes comments by level of activity, essentially ranking comments by how popular they are.

How does this affect Pages?

The advantage here is two-fold. Most noticeably, this new feature will eliminate the annoyance of customers who continue getting notifications for conversations that they no longer want to be a part of. Since fans no longer have to worry about being bombarded with comments, they’re more likely to comment and generate a conversion.

In addition to fewer annoyances, this feature will also incentivize readers to comment by promoting comments and commentators that get the most responses. People who comment on your posts will now try harder to get responses, generating interest and traffic for your Page. Ranking comments will also help your readers focus on the important points of the post by highlighting what people are talking about.

The future?

This is one in a series of Facebook updates that will be released over the coming weeks (some may have already noticed a sleeker menu for personal Profiles). Be sure to follow any additional updates, and keep checking your Facebook Page for chances to try out the new format!

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