How to Make a Facebook Page

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What You’ll Need

1) A Facebook Profile

    If you’re new to Facebook, you may not know that Pages and Profiles are two very different things. Profiles are for people, allowing friends to interact and share with one another on a personal level. Pages, on the other hand, are for businesses and represent professional bodies that have unique privileges.

    To create a Page, you’ll first need a Profile. These are easy to set up; Facebook’s homepage always displays the sign up form prominently.

    Facebook Profile Signup

    If you’re not interested in using Facebook for personal interaction, don’t worry; your Profile can be hidden from other users by editing the privacy settings found in the top right corner of your Facebook toolbar.

    Once your Profile is set up, you can create a Page. Simply look for the “Pages” option on the left menu of your Newsfeed, pictured below, or click here.

    Pages on the Newsfeed

    The Page set-up process will ask you for information about your business. These questions should be very easy to answer. If there is a section that you can’t fill in, just leave it blank; you can come back and fix it later.

    When using Facebook for business, you will sign in to your Profile to act as an Administrator for your Page. Try thinking of your Profile as your online self and your Page as your office. You will interact with customers and fans using the Page as an intermediary body.

2) Images

    Facebook Page Images

    Facebook Pages are made up of three types of images: Profile Picture, Cover Photo, and App Image. To build a legitimate Facebook presence, you’ll need all three. We’ll go over them one-by-one here.

    Profile Picture
    Dimensions: 180 pixels x 180 pixels (at least)

    The Profile Picture is the face of your Page. It will be seen on every post, share, and comment that you make. For this reason, it’s important to pick an image that visually represents your business. Company logos are a very common choice.

    Cover Photo
    Dimensions: 851 pixels x 315 pixels

    The Cover Photo is your Page’s header image. This is an excellent place to share company news, sales and promotions, and goals. The Cover Photo is also where you can highlight your various Facebook Page features and encourage visitors to “Like” your Page. For more information on how to format your cover photo, you can read How to Make a Great Custom Cover Photo. You can also use this free tool to create custom Cover Photos of your own: Timeline Image Creator

    App Image
    Dimensions: 111 pixels x 74 pixels

    Custom Applications are the engines that drive engagement for most Facebook Pages. Administrators can use these Applications to run contests, create Fan-exclusive deals, and host custom content that would otherwise be unavailable on Facebook. You can learn more about these Applications by visiting Social Page Builder or attending a High Impact Designer Weekly Webinar on Social Media Marketing. You can also learn more about designing and publishing App Images with How to Make a Great Custom App Image.

3) Likes

    Facebook's "Like" Button

    Facebook Pages rely on Fan support to reach a wider audience. This support is (mostly) measured by the amount of “Likes” a Page has. The more popular the Page, the more likely Facebook is to distribute its material to a wider audience.

    There are many ways to get Likes on Facebook. If you already have a Profile that you use, the easiest way is to send messages to your Friends inviting them to Like your new Page. Facebook will prompt you to do this automatically, and the option will be featured prominently in your administrative settings.

    Other methods for getting Likes vary in effectiveness based on your industry and your marketing strategy. Popular methods include running contests, creating Fan-exclusive deals, and engaging with Fans on your Timeline. All of these can be accomplished easily with the help of custom Applications. You can also advertise your Page directly through Facebook.

    The most important thing to remember when looking for Likes on Facebook is to offer your visitors value. Self-promotion and updates are appropriate on special occasions, but people need to get something back. Try offering exclusive deals or information in exchange for Likes; you’d be surprised how effective they can be!

Congratulations, you’re ready to start marketing your business on Facebook! Your next step is to begin posting, Liking, and sharing content on your Page. You’ll also want to look into Custom Applications to create Fan-exclusive deals and contests. And keep checking back for more Facebook how-tos and news!

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