How to Make a Great Custom App Image

Posted by Graham Henry | Posted in Advice, Facebook, Tips and Tricks | Posted on Mar 14, 2012


Coca Cola App Images

Your Cover Photo might be the largest image on your new Timeline Page, but it’s not even close to the most important. Even with all the changes Facebook has made by switching to this new format, Tab pages remain by and far the most important part of your Facebook marketing strategy. Since Tabs are now represented by Application Images, that little bar next to your company name is where you should be focusing your sales and marketing efforts.

Make it Look Right

The core component of a successful Application Image is consistency. Does it have similar design elements (colors, layout, etc.) to your Cover Photo and other App Images? Does it reflect an image or message consistent with your company’s values? Basically, is it recognizable as yours even without the rest of the Page around it? If so, congratulations, you have the foundation to a solid and effective Application Image. But there’s more to a good ad than just looking right.

Make it Look Good

App Images are, by their nature, very visual, so it’s important that yours reflect that fact. While text is great, it’s not the whole picture, and you should be sure to spend some time brainstorming relevant images for the topics you want to get across. The simpler you can make your visuals, the better, as they need to convey a thought without forcing people to dissect it. There will be room to explain yourself elsewhere.

Make it Make Sense

The final component of the Application image is the title. With Facebook’s new Application Editor, you can instantly change the title of your App to anything you want. Remember, you want to be concise, so be sure to limit your wording as much as possible. For example, instead of saying “Tell us how our product has helped you”, write “Share Your Story”. Really, anything more than four words is probably excessive, so try hard to keep it under that limit!

Make it Work

Now that you’ve created your App Image and given it a title, the last step is to make sure people are looking at it. Believe it or not, you have more control over this than you might think. While Facebook has strictly prohibited putting calls to action on the Cover Photo (“Like Us”, arrows, etc.), there are still plenty of visual cues you can use to draw your viewers’ attention to your Applications. Try making your Cover Photo’s focus rest close to the bottom right or, as Livestrong cleverly did, you could integrate your App images into your Cover Photo’s visual.

Livestrong App Integration

You now know everything you need to get started building your new Application Images. Remember, Facebook’s Pages Timeline is an exciting and different experience for all of us, so be sure to try a few things out and find out what helps you to best take advantage of this great opportunity.

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