Landing Page Best Practices: Part 2 – Lead Generation

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What are Landing Pages?

Have you ever considered using Landing Pages to generate Leads? It’s not crazy – the branding and design of a customized Page can go a long way toward building your lists. So how can you make sure that your Page is bringing in as many new contacts as possible?

Are you using an online form creator?
Getting your Landing Page to generate Leads hinges on having an easy and effective way to manage the information. A Form will allow you to ask for contact information in a way that’s easy for both the customer and you; Form Builders like the one available in Landing Page Builder automatically notify you of new contacts and allow you to add contact information to lists or send automatic opt-ins. Many platforms also offer third-party integration, so check with your Email Service Provider to see if you can import their forms!

Landing Page Form Editor

Have you assured your leads that their information will never be shared with anyone else and that they can easily unsubscribe at any time?
If you’re familiar at all with Email Marketing, then you’re aware that privacy and opt-in/out options are very tightly regulated. Stay ahead of the game by reinforcing your Leads’ confidence in their privacy with trust symbols, verbiage, and automatic opt-in options like the ones discussed earlier. If your lead feels like they can trust you with their information, they will be much more likely to purchase further down the sales funnel.

Email Follow-up

Are you asking the user to fill in more information than is absolutely required?
Surveys show that each additional required field results in a 15% decline in the completion of the form. For mobile forms the decline is 50%. Asking for your leads’ birthdays might provide some interesting insights, but it could tank your conversions. Identify the facts you absolutely need and limit your Form based on your answers. Try to think like a prospect would think and create a functional form that doesn’t make too many demands.

Bad Web Form

Do you include fields in the form that might require retyping (like requiring dashes in telephone numbers)?
Every time a prospect fails to complete a form, another barrier is added to the Sales funnel. Many Form Builders will allow you to provide examples in individual fields. Some also allow for multiple answer formats. Be sure that the form that you’re providing is clear and easy for your prospects to fill out on the first try.

Example Form

Stuck on ideas for Forms? Check out 5 Ways to Use Web Forms for some tips! And be sure to come back next week for even more Landing Page Best Practices! We’ll be covering A/B Testing and how to get the most out of your Page variations.

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