MySpace has Suited Up (and Sold Out?)

Posted by Graham Henry | Posted in Advice, Content Marketing, Landing Pages, News | Posted on Jan 15, 2013


Myspace Landing Page has been getting a lot of flack today for replacing their normal landing page with this promotion for Justin Timberlake’s new single, Suit & Tie. While not unprecedented (Justin owns Myspace jointly with Specific Media Group), this move has struck a lot of people as crass and alienating, linking the usage of Myspace so closely with liking Timberlake that many may bounce simply to avoid the association. Writing as someone who actually enjoys Justin’s music and acting, this still comes across as a little presumptuous, and it doesn’t make me like Myspace any more than I already did.

So what can this teach us?

First of all, this is a great example of how your approach to cross-promotion can affect the way both you and your campaign are perceived. Had Suit & Tie been promoted separate from the login options with a large image or video, this move wouldn’t have irked so many people; they could have clicked through to Myspace and been no worse off. By forcing customers to interact with the music to use Myspace, Timberlake and Specific Media are imposing themselves on their audience, forcing them to do something that they don’t necessarily want to do, and making them subtly uncomfortable in the process.*

So let that be a lesson: next time you want to cross-promote, make it optional, not obligatory.

What do you think of Myspace’s recent decisions? Is the site headed in the right direction? Leave a comment below or check out Myspace is Back for more info.

*There is an option at the top of the landing page to continue to Myspace normally. It’s white text on gray background and so small I missed it my first time on the page.

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