The “Beats By Dre.” Facebook Scam

Posted by Graham Henry | Posted in News | Posted on Mar 11, 2013


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Beats Facebook Scam

Last Friday at 9:00am EST, the fake Facebook Page “Beats By Dre.” posted this photo promising everyone who liked or shared a chance to win one of 1,239 Beats Headphones. Now, the fact that people fell for this isn’t surprising. Even I got excited when I started reading the post. Sadly, too few are aware of Facebook’s contest rules. If they were aware, they’d know that Facebook specifically forbids this type of promotion and has a history of banning users for running them. Why? Because it’s literally impossible to follow through. How is “Beats By Dre.” going to contact winners? They don’t have their email address or the means to message them directly. This is a scam.

Beats Scam Likes

So what’s their endgame? Getting a Like on a Facebook post isn’t necessarily a free ticket to spam users. That’s why the Post stipulates that you have to Like the Page as well in order to be eligible. Once users like the Page, they’re susceptible to advertising from that page, and with the weight behind their current posts, their Reach is going to be huge. Whoever’s behind this charade, congrats, and enjoy it before Facebook shuts you down.

Note: Since the publishing of this post, the fake “Beats by Dre.” Page has been taken down, and there appear to be no negative consequences of Liking the post.

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