What is Facebook Home?

Posted by Graham Henry | Posted in Facebook, News | Posted on Apr 05, 2013


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Yesterday, Facebook announced a new feature for their mobile application: Home. So what is it?

More than anything, Facebook Home is an attempt to further ingrain Facebook into human communication and daily life. Home is more than an App; it’s a modification of your phone’s operating system. You’ll now be able to access Facebook via custom notifications, entering chats and getting updates without interfering with your other activities.

Why Use Home?

For anyone that uses Facebook on a regular basis, Home is the next logical step. Now, rather than having to close apps, navigate to Facebook, complete an action, then navigate back, users can skip most of those steps with zero effort. This is especially useful for small businesses whose demanding schedules don’t permit wasted time. Ultimately, the ability to integrate Facebook seamlessly into other activities is a useful and effective practice.

Why has Facebook Created Home?

Apart from making their product more convenient for customers, Facebook is motivated by the desire to become an inseparable part of how we communicate with one another. Ubiquity has been Facebook’s strength since overtaking MySpace in 2009, and their proficiency at maintaining their monopoly will be the deciding factor in the company’s growth over the next few years. Home is an excellent step forward for the company, and we’re likely to see many new features and additions to it in the future.

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