Email Marketing

Why is Email Still #1?

It’s Opt-in The main reason email marketing is so effective is that, unless you’re doing something seedy, people will only get your messages if they WANT to get them. This way, potential customers have a great deal of control over what they see. They value that control and appreciate your respect for it. It’s Personal, …

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subject line

The Science of Subject Lines

Are you taking your subject lines seriously? They’re small enough you might think they’re unimportant. A good one is about 50 characters, including spaces. I’m talking about the subject lines of your emails, which hopefully you’re sending lots of using our wonderful software, but if you’re not, you can probably still learn a thing or …

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The 4 Types of Spammers

The Deaf Pan-Handler Maybe you took a flier from him a while back. Maybe he found your email and just thought you seemed generous. Either way, now, he won’t leave you alone. You tell him you’re not interested, you try and avoid him, but the guy just won?t take a hint. His optimism is kind …

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Email vs social

Email vs. Social

With all the talk in the news lately over the future of Facebook, it?s natural for this question to come up. It’s not the first time, either; people have wondered about the utility of Social Media since the commercialization of MySpace in 2004. So why don?t we have an answer yet? The reason most people …

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Email design

Email Designs Matter

Bland Emails Make You Look Less Professional and Send Mixed Messages How long would you look at this email? Next to the email subject line, the design of your email is the most important aspect of your email campaign. There is so much to keep in mind while designing an email, that it can be …

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