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No Graphic Design or HTML Experience Necessary. Instantly send through your favorite Email Service Provider. Automatically Insert Your Own Photos. Run a Render and Spam check to increase deliverability.
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250 Templates

25 Saved Designs

All Images Hosted

Perfect for the small business who is
new to email marketing

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500 Templates

200 Saved Designs

All Images Hosted

Perfect for the growing small-
to-medium sized business that needs a
more robust set of templates and

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1000 Templates

500 Saved Designs

Spam and Render Checking by Email on Acid

Perfect for the business that is looking
for more email templates and powerful
tools like SPAM and render checks

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Price $8/Month $15/Month $25/Month
# of Templates to Choose from
The number of email templates you have to Choose from.
250 500 1000
# of SmartElements to choose from
The number of SmartElements you have to choose from.
200 400 750
# of Published Emails per Month
The number of emails you can publish for sending each month. Resets Monthly.
25 100 500
Host Email Images
All of the images you include in your emails are hosted on our servers.
Visual Template Browser
Browse templates by thumbnail, view previews, and search instantly.
Online HTML Designer
Have complete access to our HTML designer with no software to download.
Powerful Image Editor
Complete access to our powerful layered image editor.
Outlook, Webmail Compatibility
Send your emails through your favorite Email Service Provider or through Outlook.
Text Plus HTML Designs
Increase your deliverability by generating a text only email. This is perfect for people who can?t see the HTML design.
Premium Mobile Ready Designs
Email marketers need to consider mobile platforms. Our designers have created amazing mobile ready designs.
Render Checking
View what your email looks like in your recipient?s inbox. Render checking is powered by Email on Acid.
Premium Content
Think of these as our museum quality designs, we consider these to be some of our best and you get complete access to them.
How you can get in contact with us for your support related questions.
Email + Knowledge Base + Facebook Email + Knowledge Base + Facebook Email + Knowledge Base + Facebook + Phone
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"Email Marketing is incredibly profitable, but crafting the perfect email is both difficult and time consuming. The Email Design Builder makes my email marketing endeavors incredibly easy. On top of the Email Design Builder being a very powerful and easy to use application, it is completely web based. Web based means I don't have to download any software or be worried about constantly updating the application. I simply log in to my account, choose my template, add my edits and send out my email. It's that easy."

Merry Schiff