Learn about Email Design Builder Create the very best email designs that are guaranteed to render and look great on mobile.

Email is Still the #1 Cost-Effective Marketing Investment

Email Marketing continues to be the most effective way to increase brand awareness and revenue among your customer base. By utilizing text balancing, render checking, and excellent html best practices in our design process, all you need to worry about is selling the product that you love.

Email remains the #1 ROI for marketing your products.
Use our mobile optimized designs to reach all of your readers, regardless of their device.

Our Designs are Mobile-friendly

Over 50% of emails are now read on tablets and smartphones. Email Design Builder has Mobile-Optimized designs so that you can reach your customers anytime, anywhere, and be sure that your email will look great.

Don't lose an opportunity because images are turned off!

Did you know that the majority of email recipients view their emails with their images turned off? Our templates are designed so that they look great with images off. Of course there is the extra bonus when images are turned on.

Our designs have been created to look great even if images are not displayed by the email client.
Customize any image with text and SmartElements.

Get Complete Control

All of the Email Design Builder templates are 100% editable. With the click of a button you can edit your text, images, and color schemes. Let the Email Design Builder make you the expert designer.


SmartElements are graphics that can be easily inserted into an existing design or one you design from scratch. These remarkable elements range from editable Smart Phone elements to traffic signs to elegant buttons.

Select from hundreds of editable images to add to your design.
Our image editor crops the image to simply "fit".

Any Image Will Fit

Our Image Editor lets you upload any image, of any size, into any design. Your image will be resized and cropped to fit perfectly every time. There is no distortion; no template resizing and you can drop just the part of the image you want to include. As you can see below, you can easily defy geometry and fit a square into a circular socket.

Add/Remove Anything as You
See Fit

You are not tied to the layout of any of our templates! You can add new shapes, images, text boxes, and more. You can also remove the elements that you don't want. Make the design yours, because our designs will look custom to your business unlike boxy designs that you may have used in the past.

Insert and remove images whenever you wish.
Use a top render checker to verify how your finished design looks.

Make Sure it Will Look great with our Render Checker (powered by Email on Acid)

With Email on Acid, you can check how your email will render in all of the most popular email clients and devices. Want to make sure that your email renders for Mobile and desktop Gmail recipients? Run the Email on Acid Render Check!

Years of experience

We look at every new advertisement, both print and electronic, as inspiration to make better templates for you. We have been in the template industry since 1991 and have an eye for quality designs that we pass on to you.

Creating print designs for over 20 years and HTML email designs for close to 15 years.
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Customer Focused

Our products are designed to make your job easier! It is our goal to create an approachable product that anyone can use. If you have any concerns or issues, you can quickly connect with us on Facebook, email, or by phone! If your question isn't answered here, chat with us online or go to our Frequently Asked Questions page.