High Impact Designer - Introduction

High Impact Designer is an extremely versatile application that allows you create great looking designs with minimum effort and without the need for any programming. It is an easy-to-use and a powerful way to enhance your personal and business presence on the web. With Email, Facebook Tab, and Landing Page designs, you'll have everything you need to truly make an impact.

The application provides a library of professional ready-to-use designs for every occasion. Each design can be customized to fit your needs.


Save time. Don't waste time formatting and editing designs from scratch. This application is the fastest and simplest do-it-yourself tool available today. Get creative, get noticed, and start seeing results with just a few simple clicks. It's really this simple:


Step 1: Select a template from hundreds professionally designed HTML templates, suitable for business communication, newsletters, promotions, memos, advertisements, and more. The application automatically inserts your contact information, and business portrait as required.

Step 2: Browse and customize templates, to suit your needs, using images, text, smart elements, and more. Change the colors of any theme-ready template. Click to apply color themes that match your company, or a seasonal theme or mood.