Learn about Landing Page Builder Find out how to edit, create, publish, and A/B test great landing pages.

Landing Pages vs. Normal Web pages

A normal webpage has multiple links to related pages that describe features, pricing, and more. While this can be helpful for organic visitors looking for options, prospective customers who responded to a specific, targeted ad can find it confusing and overwhelming. Of course, you don't want viable prospects getting distracted, and that’s why you use Landing Pages. A Landing Page is a stand-alone page with a very clear message and a single click option, or Call to Action that is designed to convert the visitor directly into a customer.

Fewer Distractions = More Conversions.

Landing Pages (in contrast to web pages) have a single focus and limited navigation.
When users sign up on your page, our form manager can send an immediate automated response to them.

Use a Form Builder Second to None

Landing Page Builder includes a best of breed form builder so you don't have to license another tool to capture your leads. The functionality of this form builder would normally costs around $19.95 a month, but we've included it at no additional cost. Create lead generation forms that are as simple or robust as you want. Have the leads mailed to you, and/or immediately auto-respond with an email to prospects who sign up.

Leave the Science to us!

There is a science to getting better conversion. Simply creating a landing page will likely increase your conversions by about 25%. Using best practices and performing testing will increase your sales even further.

Our tools help you easily determine which landing page is converting better.
It is as simple as clicking the publish button to get your page hosted.

We make the Publishing and
Hosting of your pages really easy

Most people don't know how to publish a website, blog, or landing page. Plus, even if you were to get great co-operation from your web developer / IT guy, they are likely not experts in creating a landing page that is conversion-oriented. And what about testing your results? With Landing Page Builder, we handle the technical stuff, so that you can focus on increasing your sales for the products that you love.

Customer Focused

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