Email Marketing

Why is Email Still #1?

It’s Opt-in

The main reason email marketing is so effective is that, unless you’re doing something seedy, people will only get your messages if they WANT to get them. This way, potential customers have a great deal of control over what they see. They value that control and appreciate your respect for it.

It’s Personal, yet Virtually Anonymous

Because people opt-in to email marketing campaigns, they can pick and choose what kind of content they?d like to receive. This makes what comes into their inboxes very personal and allows them to create a marketing experience tailored exclusively to their interests. At the same time, people usually have to give up very little personal information. This lends them a sense of security in an increasingly public marketing world.

It’s Private

Social media advertising will never match up to email for the simple reason that it has and will always be far too public. While it might not be incredibly stressful, publicly acknowledging support for a brand adds an extra level of anxiety to the marketing relationship and can potentially affect every interaction the fan or follower ever has

It’s Non-Invasive and Easy to Manage

Personal email management, i.e. the ability to send incoming mail directly to specific folders within an email manager, has done more for online marketing than many businesses are aware of. While it’s not preferable for your fliers and advertisements to get shoved off into a barely-opened offer graveyard, having the ability to make that happen gives customers a sense of control and privacy that is impossible to achieve by any other means. As I mentioned earlier, if people have opted into your campaign, they want your content and will be looking for it, so there?s not a lot to worry about.

It’s a Well-Established Bare Minimum

People know that if they want to engage with a brand on an electronic level, they’re going to have to give up some form of contact information; that just makes sense. As we’ve seen, electronic mail has a very little associated risk, therefore making it the most popular choice. Combine that with email marketing?s familiarity and effectiveness, and it’s clear to see how it has been and will continue to be the most popular digital medium for reaching out to consumers.