Facebook Expands Link Previews

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Facebook Banner

Expanded Facebook Link

Did you notice something different about your Newsfeed today? Without making a formal announcement, Facebook recently updated their link previews to generate larger and more engaging posts. Images over 400 pixels wide will now be displayed above the link they correspond to. If nothing else, it looks a lot prettier!

How does this help me?

If you’ve got any images over 400 pixels wide on your website or landing pages, this is fantastic news. Now, Link previews will be larger, drawing more attention to your content. Additionally, links tend to get shown more than image or video posts, so you’ll have a naturally larger audience!

Now is a good time to go over your content and see if your have anything that could work for this new format. Remember where it is, and try and use it as often as you can!

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Facebook Announces Embedding for Publicly Posted Content

Posted by Graham Henry | Posted in Facebook, News | Posted on Jul 31, 2013


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Facebook announced earlier today that public posts can now be embedded onto certain websites, blogs, and other compatible media. Comments and replies will update in real time, and tags and hashtags will interact directly with Facebook for instant integration. At the moment, this features is only available to a select group of pre-approved sites, but it will be made widely available soon.

Facebook's Embed Example

via Facebook.com

For Social Page Builder and Landing Page Builder users, this new Facebook feature presents a unique opportunity to integrate marketing strategies and engage your customers. Both products will support the new embed feature, which can be incorporated in two easy steps:

1) In your editor, simply select the area of the template for the Post to go, open your “Widgets” menu and select “Custom HTML”.

Embedding Facebook Post HTML

2) Paste the embed code generated by Facebook into the resulting window. With a few adjustments for size, you should be good to go!

Pasting Facebook Post HTML

These basics steps also apply to a large variety of other editors, so experiment and see what you can do. As always, we’ll be posting tips on how to make the most out of Facebook, so check back; you might learn something!

Facebook Changes Cover Photo Guidelines

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Facebook Banner

Facebook recently updated their Cover Photo Guidelines, removing the restriction that Cover Photos may only contain 20% text. Most likely, this was proving difficult to enforce. Now, you can feel free to cover your Cover Photo in all the text you want! This of course, is important for promoting Sales or discounts and other special company news. Go nuts!*

20% Text

That’s how we roll.

*Please note that Promoted Posts are still affected by the “Less Than 20% Text” rule.

What is Facebook Home?

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Facebook Banner

Yesterday, Facebook announced a new feature for their mobile application: Home. So what is it?

More than anything, Facebook Home is an attempt to further ingrain Facebook into human communication and daily life. Home is more than an App; it’s a modification of your phone’s operating system. You’ll now be able to access Facebook via custom notifications, entering chats and getting updates without interfering with your other activities.

Why Use Home?

For anyone that uses Facebook on a regular basis, Home is the next logical step. Now, rather than having to close apps, navigate to Facebook, complete an action, then navigate back, users can skip most of those steps with zero effort. This is especially useful for small businesses whose demanding schedules don’t permit wasted time. Ultimately, the ability to integrate Facebook seamlessly into other activities is a useful and effective practice.

Why has Facebook Created Home?

Apart from making their product more convenient for customers, Facebook is motivated by the desire to become an inseparable part of how we communicate with one another. Ubiquity has been Facebook’s strength since overtaking MySpace in 2009, and their proficiency at maintaining their monopoly will be the deciding factor in the company’s growth over the next few years. Home is an excellent step forward for the company, and we’re likely to see many new features and additions to it in the future.

How it Works: Facebook’s New Reply Feature

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Facebook just launched a new tool for replying directly to comments. You might have noticed this at the top of your Page:

Facebook's Reply Notification

Now, instead of having to send a notification to all commentators, you can address an individual commentator directly and discretely. Your reply will still appear on the comment feed, but commentators not directly addressed will no longer be bothered with notifications. This new feature also prioritizes comments by level of activity, essentially ranking comments by how popular they are.

How does this affect Pages?

The advantage here is two-fold. Most noticeably, this new feature will eliminate the annoyance of customers who continue getting notifications for conversations that they no longer want to be a part of. Since fans no longer have to worry about being bombarded with comments, they’re more likely to comment and generate a conversion.

In addition to fewer annoyances, this feature will also incentivize readers to comment by promoting comments and commentators that get the most responses. People who comment on your posts will now try harder to get responses, generating interest and traffic for your Page. Ranking comments will also help your readers focus on the important points of the post by highlighting what people are talking about.

The future?

This is one in a series of Facebook updates that will be released over the coming weeks (some may have already noticed a sleeker menu for personal Profiles). Be sure to follow any additional updates, and keep checking your Facebook Page for chances to try out the new format!

Looking for more Facebook news? Be sure to check out our Social Media Section. You can also check out 3 Ways to Use Facebook’s New Cover Photo Rules and The New Facebook Newsfeed for the latest scoop.

3 Ways to Use Facebook’s New Cover Photo Rules

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Facebook Banner

Late last week, Facebook relaxed their guidelines for Cover Photo content. What was once a stringent set of rules has now been reduced to only a few sentences:

    All cover photos are public, which means anyone visiting your Page will be able to see the cover photo. Cover photos can’t be deceptive, misleading, infringe on anyone else’s copyright or be in violation of the Pages Terms. You may not encourage people to upload your cover photo to their personal timelines.

    Cover photos must be at least 399 pixels wide and may not include images with more than 20% text.

So what does this mean for Facebook Marketing?

Basically, it means that Admins are no longer restricted from placing advertising in their Cover Photos. This opens up a whole world of possibilities to capitalize on, from increasing sales to boosting Likes and Fan engagement. We’ll explore a few of these options now, as well as some examples of how to implement them.

Cover Photo Dimensions: 851 pixels x 315 pixels

1) Direct Visitors to Like

Facebook Like Cover Photo

Pages are now free to put Like incentives directly in their Cover Photo. Now, rather than having to find clever ways to draw attention to the Like Button, Admins can point to it directly. Phrases along the lines of “Like us to get product updates and promotions” are effective for drawing in people who might be inclined to Like your Page.

2) Advertise

Facebook Sale Cover Photo
The old rules forbade putting price and sale information directly into a Cover Photo. Luckily, that’s no longer the case! Publish as many sales banners as you want! (Just be sure to keep text to a minimum)

3) Drive Contests and Other Promotions

Facebook Contest Cover Photo

If you’re running a Facebook Contest, your Cover Photo is now an excellent place to promote it! Figure out where you’ll place the contest Tab on your Page and have text on the Cover Photo pointing to it.

Try mixing and matching these ideas to design even more effective Cover Photos! And don’t be afraid to try new strategies; this new policy is incredibly open-ended so almost anything is possible!

Check our Facebook Section for continued tips and updates on Social Media Marketing. And check out How to Make a Great Custom Cover Photo and How to Make a Great Custom App Image for more Facebook image tips!

Can we Please Stop it with the Facebook Scams?

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Louis CK Contest

Since I posted on this last week, I’ve seen another massively popular scam based on the PS4, and now this one getting started around Louis C.K.. Now, to be fair, this one comes from a local, legitimate newspaper, so they might not know that they’re not allowed to do this. Still, come on! Has this just become acceptable now? Will we be plagued by fake share contests from everywhere? It’s a clear violation of Facebook’s Page guidelines as well as a sloppy way to run a contest, since there’s no way to privately contact the winners. I sincerely hope we start seeing less of this in the future.

If you want to know how to run a legitimate Facebook contest, you can read Facebook Contests: Rules and Regulations.

Update: Turns out the contest operator is actually trying to make good on their giveaway! Good for them!

The “Beats By Dre.” Facebook Scam

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Beats Facebook Scam

Last Friday at 9:00am EST, the fake Facebook Page “Beats By Dre.” posted this photo promising everyone who liked or shared a chance to win one of 1,239 Beats Headphones. Now, the fact that people fell for this isn’t surprising. Even I got excited when I started reading the post. Sadly, too few are aware of Facebook’s contest rules. If they were aware, they’d know that Facebook specifically forbids this type of promotion and has a history of banning users for running them. Why? Because it’s literally impossible to follow through. How is “Beats By Dre.” going to contact winners? They don’t have their email address or the means to message them directly. This is a scam.

Beats Scam Likes

So what’s their endgame? Getting a Like on a Facebook post isn’t necessarily a free ticket to spam users. That’s why the Post stipulates that you have to Like the Page as well in order to be eligible. Once users like the Page, they’re susceptible to advertising from that page, and with the weight behind their current posts, their Reach is going to be huge. Whoever’s behind this charade, congrats, and enjoy it before Facebook shuts you down.

Note: Since the publishing of this post, the fake “Beats by Dre.” Page has been taken down, and there appear to be no negative consequences of Liking the post.

The New Facebook Newsfeed

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New Facebook Newsfeed

“This Newsfeed… is designed for the way that we’re all sharing today and the trends we see going forward.”Mark Zuckerberg

How will Facebook’s new Newsfeed Affect Businesses?

Following today’s announcement, many have been speculating on the direction Facebook’s new Newsfeed feature will take and how it will affect small businesses. Here, we’ll break down the new format and let you know what you’ll need to be focusing on when the changes take effect later this year.

First, let’s be clear that Facebook has not directly addressed any features other than Newsfeed (there was speculation of Page changes, but no such luck). It’s possible that there will be more changes to come, but there hasn’t been any official confirmation as of yet. The Newsfeed feature will be rolled out on Desktop over the next few days and on Mobile for several weeks after that. For now, we’ll focus on what we know.

Choice of Feeds

In what is probably the most dramatic change made to Newsfeed, users will now be able to filter the feed based on the source of the information and the format of the content. For example, a person could choose to filter their feed based on photos posted by their friends, effectively eliminating status updates, events, videos, and all other irrelevant material from their visible Newsfeed.

How does this affect companies? It doesn’t. Facebook’s revenue depends on businesses advertising with them, so they’ve been sure to include Pages as default sources for all filter types; users will still have access to your posts and updates in all the places that they normally would.

Facebook has also added a special filter for Pages titled “Follow”. According to their official announcement, it’s “a feed with the latest news from the Pages you like and the people you follow.” This is essentially a business-only feed which will group popular entertainment sources like movies, music, and television with posts from commercial businesses. Facebook has also parried the more recent accusations of limiting Post views by assuring that this feed will feature ALL Posts from every page that the user follows. How often this filter gets used is, of course, dependent on the user, but it bodes well for Page exposure and Reach.

Why Now?

This change comes in the wake of a popular theory that the popularity of web services, and especially Social Media, is dependent on ease-of-use. By making the product more accessible and accommodating, Facebook is hoping to ensure that users will continue to favor their product over competitors like Google+, Tumblr, and Myspace* well into the future.

This trend of accessibility is especially evident in Facebook’s approach to the new Newsfeed: During their portion of the announcement, the Facebook Developers revealed that they had designed the new navigation features and layout by starting with a Mobile platform and working backwards to the desktop. There’s nowhere that we need ease-of-access more than on our phones, so this was an excellent strategy, and one that we’ll probably see more of as big-name companies become increasingly dependent on Mobile.

The Future

As usual, this is Facebook’s world, and we’re just living in it. Facebook needs to cater to businesses in order to survive, so we can be sure that they believe this is a good move. Personally, I think they’ve approached both the concern of ease-of-use and the problem of Page exposure quite effectively. I think businesses will start to see more exposure as the format is rolled out over the next few days, and I think both users and advertisers will find utility in the new functions. More than anything, I’m excited to see where Facebook takes it from here.

You can sign up for the Newsfeed waiting list here: https://www.facebook.com/about/newsfeed

Be sure to follow our blog for more Facebook news and analysis, and check out our previous breakdowns, Facebook Announces Graph Search and How to Get the Most out of Your Facebook Advertisements.

*Speaking of Myspace, watch the video of Facebook’s presentation for a shoutout to Justin Timberlake, one of Myspace’s owners. Mentioning how awesome one of your (former) competitors is in your press conference? That’s cold, dude.

Landing Page Builder is Here!

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Landing Page Builder

Landing Page Builder, the newest online marketing innovation from High Impact Designer, has officially launched! Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible, especially our ever-helpful BETA testers!

New Landing Page Builder allows users to easily design, publish, and track conversion-driving Landing Pages for Email, Pay-per-Click, and Display Advertising purposes. It is the first online optimization tool that supports both mobile and desktop requirements from the same URL so that users can create a single campaign and know that any page (mobile or desktop) will be perfectly served.
Landing Page Builder includes the following features:

75 Page Layouts
Tested and Proven to increase conversions over standard webpages.

Clear Calls to Action
Above the fold to get your message across.

Pick up and move any element of your design with a simple click.

Mobile Optimization
Automatically serves mobile-optimized page variants to smart phones, tablets, etc. from one URL.

Comprehensive A/B Testing
Track Clicks and Conversions in real-time while testing multiple Page variants simultaneously.

Lead Capture and Survey Forms
Send automatic email responses and notifications.

With Landing Page Builder, you can quickly and easily create Landing Pages for your email, pay-per-click, and display advertising with no design experience required. Choose from 75 designs, make simple edits, set conversions, and create both Desktop and Mobile page variants in a single click. With limitless design combinations, you can compare, test, and select the Landing Page that works best for you.

Landing Page Builder in Action

Thought Leaders’ Comments on the Product

“Landing Page Builder is an absolute ‘must’ for any small business hoping to improve their marketing conversions. With its ‘done-for-you’ designs that couldn’t be easier to edit with your own copy, this professional level marketing tool becomes possible for anyone, no experience needed.”
– Karen Talavera President, Synchronicity Marketing

“I immediately saw the value it could provide our clients in improving their PPC conversions. The service is so easy to use that you simply can’t ignore this marketing boost.”
– Rob Cooper President, PlusROI Online Marketing

In Conclusion

Landing Page Builder is available now on High Impact Designer with plans starting as low as $14/month. You can visit the main site to learn more about Landing Page Builder and other High Impact Designer Applications, or check out the official Press Release here.

Remember, all of the High Impact Designer Applications, including Landing Page Builder, can be white-labeled by any companies looking to bring great Marketing services to their customer base!

This isn’t the last you’ll hear of us! We’ll be writing in over the next few weeks with tips on how to get the most out of any Landing Page program. We might even have some special guests! Check back later this week for the first in our series of releases.