Social Media and Conversions

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Conversion Conference Presentation

This year the Conversion Conference East was held at the Hilton Hotel in New York City.  The conversion is the leading conference for optimizing your customer’s experience with your website. With some of the top speaker’s in the industry giving the latest information on site optimization, customer behavior analysis, content marketing, utilizing social to increase conversions. If you are looking for one of the top brain dumps of all conversion increasing information, then this is the conference for you.

However if you are reading this now, you missed your chance to see the show i n NYC. We don’t have access to all of the slides, but I wanted to share the main points from my talk that took place on Thursday. Click the link to view a condensed version of my Conversion Conference presentation.

Social Media Best Practices – Conversion Conference East 2011

Have Clear Goals

Clear, measurable, and realistic goals are necessary for your social campaigns. If you are just going on Facebook for the sake of being there, your page will not be effective. Have an idea of what you want to get out of social. For example, we wanted to generate more traffic to our website. Facebook is now the #3 referring site to our homepage.

We also wanted to get some more information about our fans. We require a little more information if users want to get a Facebook page review. We then get the social micro conversion, i.e., ‘like’, and can follow up with a page review and a trial account. This turns our visitor into a marketable lead, that will likely convert.

What are your social goals?

Create a Dynamic Design

Design is absolutely crucial on Facebook. You need a page that has a clear call to action and is pleasing to the eye. Try giving your visitors an incentive, so they have no reason to leave your page without clicking ‘like’. A landing tab is absolutely necessary and will increase your Like rate by at least 50%. To further entice your fans, utilize fan gated content that teases new exclusive content.  Roughly 58% of people go to a Facebook page looking for exclusive deals or information, so give the people what they want.

Creating a design can be tough if you aren’t a designer or developer, if you want to make something that looks great try Social Page Builder.

Increase Your Traffic

You need to increase traffic to your site if you want to build a fan base. You can do this multiple ways, try utilizing Facebook ads and sponsored stories. With these tools (though they are not free) you can serve up ads to an extremely specific audience. Facebook is an aggregator of all sorts of information, you can target your market with pin point accuracy and get much more visibility with these tools.  Read about sponsored stories in one of our previous posts.

I would also recommend using social plugins, this adds a social aspect to your products. If you are running a product based website, you could put share buttons with each product and let users share them in their news feed. Ideally you want to have 2 way traffic between your Facebook page and your website, and make the transition as smooth and seamless as possible.

Measure Your Influence

This is by far one of the most important and overlooked aspect of social media marketing. You are getting traffic and people are liking your page, now you need to see how people are interacting with your brand. There is an incredible amount of 3rd party tools available for monitoring and updating your pages.

Which tools to you use?



Social Media is a Viable Marketing Tool

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Think Outside the Box for Social Media Success

I was on LinkedIn answering questions the other day, when I came across someone asking people about how they use social media for their companies.  I was surprised be the number of negative comments about the use of social media. The real problem is that people are jumping in thinking that Social Media by itself is a sufficient way to generate leads and makes sales.  They become very disappointed when this does not happen.

To be frank, I am getting tired of people talking about how ‘Social media is not a viable tool’ or ‘it lacks a clear way of tracking users through a sales funnel’.  These gripes are becoming more and more outdated as there is a lot of data being released posing that Social Media is the real deal.  Now, I contend that social media is a valuable marketing tool, but a valuable tool among many other tools.  However, it is important to note that even the best tools don’t build the greatest structures. Likewise, it is not the tools that make the marketer, but the way the marketer uses the tools that brings results.

With so many different tools to leverage along side social media it is nearly impossible to not have success that is, yes, measurable. There are plenty of affordable (or FREE) social CRMs that will help you track various other social metrics. On top of new studies coming out from big industries showing the latest social trends.  Check out 10 telling social statistics found by the latest Constant Contact survey.

Here are three ways you can use social media in conjunction with other marketing tools to get some great results.

Utilize an Opt-In Form on Your Facebook Landing Tab

Necessary Tools:
Facebook Fan Page
CRM or Form Building Tool

Optional Tools:
Facebook Tab Creation Tool

This is a very simple way to get more information from your Facebook Fans.  When a Fan likes your page, they generally don’t come back. In fact only 10% of the people who actually like your page visit it again.  However, in the latest study done by Constant Contact it was found that over 50% of the people who visit a Facebook page are looking for a deal of some kind. Create a Fan-Gated landing tab that teases a promotion if the customer likes your page. After they like your page, require them to fill out a form, make sure this form is embedded in your Facebook page. Keep the information minimal, e.g. name and email, and send them the coupon code.

Now you have generated a lead of someone who is interested in your brand and products.  Try testing different offers, sometimes free content is enough to give away so if you have a white paper, email series, or ebook see if you can get names with valuable content.

Crowdbooster & Your Social Pages

Necessary Tools:
Facebook Fan Page, Twiter Page, or Both!

Every now and then I find a tool that makes me say ‘I don’t know how I did anything without you’, that tool right now is Crowdbooster. With Crowdbooster you can measure and optimize your social media efforts, FOR FREE. With a free account you can add three social accounts (Facebook Fan page or Twitter accounts).

The above chart is the latest status updates at the High Impact Designer Facebook Page.  It shows the number of impressions as well as graphically shows the size of the interaction rate.  With Crowdbooster you can also find out who is interacting with you the most as well as find out who your most influential followers are.  With this information you can start to cater posts towards these followers and increase your interaction rate.  Start asking these followers to promote your brand more in exchange for products or other services.  Most people are happy to do this!

Crowdbooster really shines with its Twitter analytics. It will tell you the best times to post, who to refollow, who is retweeting  you and who your most influential followers are.  I have found Twitter to be a better place for finding people in the B2B space, and if you can find the right influencer at a prospective company you are well on your way to turning that follower into a genuine prospect.

SEOMoz, and Twitter

Necessary Tools:
SEOMoz (Free)

This tip is inspired by Wil Reynolds from Seer Interactive (make sure to visit their page and subscribe to their blog).

Twitter is an amazing way to start finding new leads, partnership opportunities, and build back links. Think of your Twitter followers like this, they are people who are genuinely interested in what your brand has to say.  Now that you have their attention, they are more likely to post your content on their own website getting you new backlinks  Will had suggested using the tool to find out who follows you on Twitter and the SEOmoz tool to find out who isn’t linking to you.

It is a lot easier to market to your friend than it is to market to a stranger. Though you may not be as closely connected to one of your Twitter followers as you are to a real friend, a Twitter follower has still shown an interest in your brand. You are likely to have a much better success rate for increasing your back links by reaching out to these followers.

Remember, success sin marketing comes with innovation, use all of the available tools to create new ways to increase your marketing funnel! What tricks do you have up your sleeve in your social media campaign?