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Leadpages Pricing Explained by an Experienced User – Which is Best for You!

Landing pages are the best way to boost leads. It’s the first thing your customer base will see, and it should tell them everything they need to know about your product, from pricing to specific features. It should also detail why you’re the best choice for them.

“Ok, sounds easy! I’ll write a summary of my company and that will be convincing enough, right?”

Unfortunately, not quite. It takes a master to craft the perfect landing page, and not everyone has the tools to get the job done right.

This is where Leadpages can help. Leadpages can help you create landing pages with effective integrations and conversion rate optimization in mind. It all starts with the ideal landing page builder and a plan.

In this Leadpages pricing review, we’ll share what you need to know about Leadpages, including the cost of each pricing plan and advantages and disadvantages. Let’s get into it!

What is Leadpages?

Leadpages is a service packed with features to support your business, no matter the size. Leadpages pricing plans range from $25 per month to $321 per month, this is an accessible tool for people of all budgets.

Each price plan offers a free trial with many features, and if you go for the annual billing option, you are rewarded with a free hosting mobile responsive domain. The Leadpages ad builder is innovative and both the Pro and Advanced Leadpages plan offer unlimited A/B testing, which are key integrations for any effective landing page builder.

Leadpages understands that an effecting land page can take many forms and requires unique details to turn heads. It helps you build landing pages with pop-ups and alert bars that secure the attention of your target audience. It also offers a highly functional ad builder via multiple package plans of varying prices.

Leadpages is also easy to use. This landing page software utilizes a classic drag-and-drop builder, so you can build your landing pages entirely from scratch. The landing page builder gives you full control over all the elements you want to include. This versatility allows Leadpages to create the ideal landing page for multiple businesses, rather than only appealing to one niche.

Who is Leadpages For?

Leadpages is advertised to small-to-medium businesses, but through its multiple price plans and sub-accounts, it is capable of supporting clients of all forms. Roughly speaking, the Standard package is for new businesses, the Pro package is for growing businesses, and the Advanced package is for agencies.

This isn’t a steadfast rule, however. Leadpages offers a variety of features applicable to businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re starting your first site or using Leadpages to build on the integration you’ve already formed, the software can help.

Affordability is clearly at the forefront of Leadpages’ intentions. Not only do they offer three separate price packages, but they also provide the option of paying monthly, annually, or on a two-year basis. This flexibility makes Leadpages a viable option for numerous businesses, regardless of the nature of their cash flow. This is compounded by the offering of a free hosting, mobile responsive domain with each annual subscription.

Standard Plan Leadpages Package

The Starter Plan Leadpages package includes a lot of features with an affordable price tag. One of the standout features is the ability to make unlimited landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars right from the get-go. The starter pack also supports over 40 separate integrations.

Additionally, Leadpages doesn’t penalize you for the growth in leads you may experience, even if you’re paying for the smallest package. If you opt to be billed annually, you also receive a free custom domain. This factor solidifies its commitment to smaller businesses.

This commitment to smaller or newer businesses extends to customer service too. All clients who purchase the Standard Plan package have full access to (actual human) tech support, reachable via email, live chat, or phone support.

You can connect your Leadpages account with a pre-existing domain or publish a new one through their servers. With the Standard Plan package, you can only run one site at a time. However, hosting comes at no additional fee and there’s no limit on page creation or traffic caps.


  • Unlimited access to landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars
  • Can link your Leadpages account to an existing domain or publish through their free, secure servers
  • No cap on traffic or generated leads
  • Provides mobile-responsive templates to achieve full compatibility
  • Affordable pricing with a variety of payment options
  • Over 40 integrations available
  • Full access to customer support from email, live chat, or phone call
  • Full free trial available to try out Leadpages features


  • Despite offering unlimited landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars, you do not have unlimited A/B testing
  • May prove too simplistic for some users

Starter Leadpages Pricing Plans

$37 per month billed monthly


$25 per month billed annually

Target Audience

The Standard Plan package is designed for new or small businesses that are looking to improve their company size. The multiple page templates offered alongside affordable pricing plans make the Standard plan an ideal website builder for novice business owners.

Pro Leadpages Pricing Package

The Pro Plan Leadpages package takes many of the Standard features and builds on them. With the Pro Leadpage plan, you are now able to host three sites at once rather than just one. It is still entirely free to do so either via an existing domain registration or through Leadpages’ own secure servers.

Another significant upgrade is the introduction of unlimited A/B split testing. A/B testing allows you to accurately record the efficacy of your pages. You can have two different designs live and actively compare which one achieves the most leads.

Additionally, the Pro plan introduces LeadLinks, a form of email trigger links that can be included in emails to your client base. This allows them to join webinars or your email list through a simple click. You can also utilize up to ten separate opt-in text campaigns.


  • All the ease of use associated with the Starter plan package, just bolstered by some nice new upgrades
  • The introduction of an email list and 10 opt-in text campaigns with trigger links
  • Allows for online sales and payments through the Leadpages mobile-responsive templates
  • Active notifications keep you updated on every new lead or successful conversion
  • Unlimited A/B split testing
  • Allows you to host up to three separate sites entirely for free
  • Email 40 standard integrations to your pre-existing marketing tools for total cohesion
  • Full free trial available


  • Heightened pricing plan may prove financially inaccessible to a smaller company

Pro Pricing Plans

$79 per month billed monthly


$48 per month billed annually

Target Audience

The ideal Leadpages candidate for the Pro pricing plan would be a business that has already achieved fairly significant sales from their web pages, but they want to expand. The pricing may be too high for some newer businesses to make it value for money. However, it remains a package filled with innovative features designed to boost sales.

Advanced Leadpages Package

Now for the juggernaut of Leadpages pricing plans, the Advanced plan is by far the most costly per month. However, for the more expansive marketing agencies/businesses, it may be a perfect choice. Able to support up to 50 separate sites, with unlimited landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, and split testing, it’s easy to see why they charge such a high rate per month.

Similarly to the Pro plan, the Advanced plan allows you to incorporate over 40 standard integrations to make your marketing data more cohesive. However, where the Advanced plan excels is in its ability to support advanced integrations too. This may include services such as Hubspot or Marketo.

The art of opt-in text campaigns continues with an additional 10 plans available. If acquiring your client’s email address is more your speed, the Advanced plan has you covered there too, with its continued emphasis on email trigger links.

Perhaps most important for larger businesses is the introduction of multiple Pro sub-accounts with one subscription. These Pro sub-accounts allow numerous teams to create landing pages or make changes to your custom domain. Premium features like these make the Pro Leadpages pricing feel more justified, as they all work to create highly functional landing page software.


  • Unlimited A/B split testing
  • Allows for easy email address acquisition for your subscription lists via email trigger links
  • Full free trial available
  • Allows for online credit card payments
  • Offers fully mobile-responsive templates
  • Can support up to 50 different sites
  • No cap on landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars
  • An extra 10 opt-in text campaigns available
  • Prioritized customer support
  • 1 quick start call with an expert site builder to help you get started
  • Able to email 40 standard integrations
  • Advanced integrations available
  • Group coaching sessions offered


  • Higher pricing which will rule out accessibility for many businesses
  • Drag and drop function may be too simplistic for higher-end business/agencies

Advanced Pricing Plans

$321 per month billed monthly


$239 per month billed annually

Target Audience

The Advanced plan is clearly targeted towards veteran businesses. However, the features offered may still boost sales further, as they allow for greater control and further outreach. The sub-accounts feature can serve as a primary tool in boosting these sales, as numerous teams can work with the same ad builder or landing page builders. This sets it apart from Leadpages alternatives.

Can you Cancel your Leadpages Trial? Does Leadpages Have a Free Trial?

All of Leadpages pricing plans come with an available free trial that you can cancel at any time. If you still feel unsure, you can try it out for yourself!


If you’re on the search for a landing page builder capable of taking your businesses’ growth to the next level, Leadpages pricing plans are worth it. This holds true whether you are paying per month or per year. They offer a wide range of features with enough customization to suit any business.